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“The power is not in the pen, but in the mind holding the ink and that head is crowned the Queen.”

She is also an ESL trainer by passion. She is an online coach for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, SAT essays, the ACT literature module and a content specialist. Her journey in the language field started when she scored 8.5 bands in the IELTS writing module and then one cerification (certified and trained from Cambridge, british council, pearson and ETS) followed another till the TESOL (Teaching English as a second language to non English speakers) PG Diploma in Business English.

Dr Shachi is essentially a cosmetic dentist by profession(MDS in Prosthodontics, a gold medallist throughout her academic career) practicing a specialised field of dentistry calledProsthodontics which deals with artificial missing parts of the head, face and neck, including teeth, ears, eyes, lips, cheeks etc with dentures, crowns, bridges, facial prosthesis, etc.

Dr. Shachi

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"Are you looking for a word wizard?

Someone who can you whip up an alphabet soup of eye-candy content?

Peppered and spiced up with a lot of inspiration?"


Whether you are starting a new website from scratch or you are re-branding and refurbishing an existing site, we are here to help you with our quality services across all areas of written content development.

With more than 21 years of knowledge and understanding of content development, our expert Dr. S knows the tools and tricks to make your Website or description stand out from the troupes of others on the worldwide net. We also give you quality work in an affordable range.

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